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Heritage Solar Slates are innovative roof-integrated photovoltaic solar slates.
They are efficient, reliable, fully weather proof and look just like regular roofing slates. Unlike traditional solar panels, they blend in with standard roof slates to create a virtually invisible solar panel roof. Heritage Solar Slates are ideal for use in conservation areas, on historic buildings, new builds, or renovation projects.

What Sets Heritage Solar Slate Apart
Unlike any other product on the market, Heritage Solar Slate combines all the qualities necessary to become the product of choice for conservation buildings. It brings together the experience and innovation of PV Systems, the UK's longest established photovoltaic company and the expertise of RES, one of the world's leading renewable energy developers.

Financial Incentive
Heritage Solar Slates qualify for the Feed-In Tariff scheme, a government-backed renewable electricity incentive now in place in the UK. Put simply, Feed-In Tariffs are payments made to energy users for the renewable electricity they generate. They aim to increase the level of renewable energy in the UK to meet our renewable energy targets.

About the Slate
Heritage Solar Slates are photovoltaic roof-integrated solar slates, which combine the latest in photovoltaic technology with a roof slate that is so convincing it was installed in Snowdonia National Park, and has met with full planning approval.

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